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PNOA Solutions

PPO Network Design

A national network comprised of Physicians, Ancilary Providers and Facilities. PNOA strives to contract with the most sought after providers and facilities to provide easy access for our nationwide membership population. Our direct contracts produce competative fee schedules and excellent cost savings to our clients and members.

Pre-Negotiated Cases

PNOA has a various assortment of strategic agreements in place including full contracts, letter of agreements and pre-negotiated cases. PNOA caters to the specific needs of the employer group and that of the member. A full staff of contractors at PNOA is available to help with the managed care process and represent our members.

PPO Network Access

Wide-ranging availability that meets any network needs. Our national network provides access to hospitals, ancillary facilities and professional providers. The network provides broad coverage to a range of many different specialties, facilities and hospitals. PNOA provides direct access to care with no leased or rented contracts.

Network Technology

Through our sophisticated in-house Information Technology systems members can locate the best in-network care for their specific needs. We have a built a repertoire with our participating providers through our timely payment of claims, simple credentialing process and network analytics. With such a robust network PNOA has invested heavily into the network infrastructure and various data platforms.

Customized Network Solutions

Looking to have a network in your area with providers tailored to your clients? PNOA offers a range of flexible networking solutions to fit your client’s needs. With an experienced and aggressive Contracting Department, PNOA will fill the gap in an effort to produce the cost savings you would expect from a leading nationwide network.

In an effort to produce cost savings and eliminate member balance-billing, members are encouraged to nominate their preferred providers using the PNOA Provider Nomination form found here.

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